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Ebony bark is highly medicinal, its root bark is used as a floral gum or resin, and
diamond bark is one of the most potent materials available from the oldest tree.
Let us worship the ebony to surrender to the Lord as the deity becomes stronger and the soul stronger . It is a chemical that is painful to the body, has a crunchy nature,
strengthens the teeth, and has a bitter astringent taste.
Ebony wood has the ability to store electrical radiation in itself.
If you have an ebony block at home, it will give great benefits .
Ebony wood has the ability to store electrical radiation within itself.
Thus it has the power to cure disease even if it sits in its shade.
Ebony tree is a very rare tree .
It is only present in a few temples .
Ebony tree can be used on the advice of herbalists .

Soaking ebony in water will change the color of the water. If you take a bath with that water, all the pain in the body will go away
Diseases Even if you wear ebony as a talisman in your hand,
all the temples that have good results will put the common ebony sticks of Kumbabiseka inside the casket.so that the people living around the temple are not affected by the thunder and lightning.



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